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São Lourenço Beach – Surf Break In Portugal

São Lourenço Beach – Surf Break In Portugal

São Lourenço surf beach in Ericeira Portugal

Overview of the Beach

Nestled at the northernmost edge of the World Surfing Reserve lies São Lourenço beach, a haven for surf enthusiasts. Here, the waves tell a captivating story of their own. Emerging from a distant rocky platform, these waves embark on an exhilarating journey, offering a dynamic surfing experience that unfolds in multiple acts.

As you set your sights on São Lourenço’s waves, you’ll encounter a long and undulating canvas, adorned with numerous peaks and sections. It all begins with a powerful take-off, an electrifying start to a ride that promises both challenge and reward. But, as the wave progresses, a transformation takes place – it mellows, becoming more accommodating and easier for surfers to conquer.

What sets São Lourenço apart is its inclusivity. While it caters to the seasoned surfers seeking a thrilling adventure, it also extends a warm welcome to those who are still honing their skills and the longboarders who relish the art of cruising. For those fortunate enough to visit during the right conditions and low tide, an additional treat awaits – a modest beach break, a canvas for creativity in the surf.

But São Lourenço has another side to its personality. When the swell grows and the waves swell to monumental proportions, the reef at São Lourenço awakens, unveiling a colossal wave spot. Here, swells of up to 5 meters can be tamed by those with the courage to conquer them. However, with greater size comes greater responsibility, and surfers must remain vigilant of the formidable clean-up sets that charge in from the west.

To fully savor the essence of São Lourenço, it’s essential to align with nature’s rhythm. This surf gem reveals its true splendor between low and mid-tide, harmonizing with clean swells from the northwest and winds that whisper secrets from the east (NE – SE). As a result of its location, slightly removed from the bustling heart of Ericeira, São Lourenço often offers the gift of serenity, with fewer surfers vying for the waves, allowing you to connect with the ocean and your board in peaceful communion.

Location and Accessibility

São Lourenço is situated further from the main area of Ericeira, offering a more secluded environment.


Beach Characteristics

  • Type of Beach: The bottom composition at São Lourenço combines sand with rocks and a reef structure.
  • Length of the Beach: The beach extends to accommodate long waves up to 200 meters.

São Lourenço beach is a captivating fusion of natural elements that beckons surfers and beach goers alike. Its distinctive character emerges from the captivating blend of sandy shores, rocky outcrops, and a resilient reef structure beneath the azure waters. As you set foot on this coastal gem, you’ll be greeted by a stretch of shoreline that seemingly stretches to eternity, offering ample space for every wave enthusiast’s dreams to unfold. São Lourenço’s beachfront extends generously, accommodating the undulating dance of waves that can reach an impressive length of up to 200 meters. While the sources do not delve into specific facilities dotting the beach, the absence of details only adds to the allure of this pristine paradise, leaving room for exploration and discovery, making it a canvas for a truly immersive coastal experience.

Surf Specifications

  • Surf Level: Suitable for all levels – Beginner to Pro.
  • Bottom: A combination of sand with rocks and reef.
  • Direction of Wave: Mainly right, with potential for left waves on the south side of the bay.
  • Consistency Rating: Rated at 4/5.
  • Best Wind Direction: East (NE – SE).
  • Best Swell Direction: Northwest.
  • Swell Size: Can handle swells up to 16 feet (5 meters), more than other breaks in Ericeira.
  • Localism Rating: Moderate.
  • Best Tide: Optimal between low and mid-tide.
  • Length of Wave: Waves can reach up to 200 meters.
  • Best Season: Suitable for surfing all year round.
  • Crowd Factor: Relatively less crowded.

São Lourenço beach boasts an enticing array of surf specifications that cater to surfers of all skill levels, from eager beginners to seasoned professionals. This surf haven promises a dynamic and inclusive experience, making it a treasured destination for wave enthusiasts. The ocean floor beneath São Lourenço’s waves is a fascinating mosaic, where sandy stretches harmonize with rugged rocks and an enduring reef structure. The waves themselves are a spectacle to behold, primarily delivering exhilarating right-hand rides, with whispers of enticing left waves caressing the south side of the bay. The beach earns a noteworthy consistency rating of 4/5, ensuring that surfers can expect dependable waves to chase. When it comes to the ideal conditions, São Lourenço prefers a gentle breeze from the east, embracing wind directions that span from NE to SE.

The waves here bow gracefully to swells from the northwest, showcasing their versatility by handling swells of up to 5 meters with poise, a feat unrivaled by most other breaks in Ericeira. The localism rating, a reflection of the beach’s welcoming spirit, stands at a moderate 3/5, ensuring that camaraderie prevails in the lineup. São Lourenço reveals its true essence between low and mid-tide, offering a canvas for surfers to craft their masterpieces. The waves here can stretch up to an impressive 200 meters, allowing for extensive rides that become memories etched in the sands of time. São Lourenço’s enchantment knows no seasonality, beckoning surfers to its embrace throughout the year. The beach’s crowd factor adds to its allure, as it tends to be relatively less crowded, earning a commendable 2/5 rating, a precious rarity in the world of surf destinations.


You can check the beach cam for São Lourenço at site.

Safety and Regulations

  • Lifeguard Presence: During the summer season.
  • Known Hazards: Heavy shore break during high tide, and caution is advised with big swells and clean-up sets from the west.

When it comes to safety and regulations, São Lourenço beach prioritizes the well-being of its visitors, ensuring that their time in the waves is not only thrilling but also secure. During the summer season, a reassuring presence graces the shores in the form of diligent lifeguards, watchful guardians of safety who stand ready to lend assistance and ensure peace of mind for beachgoers and surfers alike.

However, like any coastal paradise, São Lourenço has its share of challenges to conquer. During high tide, a powerful shore break can assert its dominance, serving as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of the ocean. In addition, surfers are advised to exercise caution when facing substantial swells and the imposing clean-up sets that may surge in from the west, acknowledging the powerful forces at play and the need for vigilance in the water. São Lourenço’s commitment to safety harmonizes with the exhilaration of the surf, offering a balanced and secure environment for those who seek adventure in the waves.

São Lourenço is also known for its wildlife.

Amenities and Services

Ericeira, in general, is known for its excellent surf shops, rentals, and a variety of food and accommodation options.


São Lourenço offers a unique surfing experience with its consistent waves and diverse conditions suitable for all levels. While it’s less crowded compared to other spots in Ericeira, the quality of the waves, especially with the right conditions, makes it a noteworthy destination for surfers.

Surf Spots Nearby

São Lourenço beach finds itself amidst a treasure trove of surf spots, each offering its unique charm and waves to explore. Here are some neighboring surf spots to São Lourenço:

  • Cave (0.7 miles): A super shallow, heavy right-hand barreling reef break, considered one of the most challenging waves globally, part of the world surfing reserve.
  • Ribeira D’Ilhas (0.9 miles): Renowned as the nicest surf break in Ericeira, it’s a reef break with plenty of room to surf and a diverse wave profile. It’s usually quite crowded.
  • Reef (1.2 miles): This spot’s name says it all—a rocky reef break that offers a thrilling surfing experience for those seeking adventure.
  • Pedra Branca (1.5 miles): Part of the world surfing reserve, Pedra Branca is known for its gnarly waves, offering a challenging left-hand barrel over a razor-sharp reef.
  • Praia do Norte (2.3 miles): A beach known for its powerful and consistent waves, suitable for experienced surfers looking for big swells.
  • Praia do Peixe (2.6 miles): A charming beach break with a mix of sand and rocks, offering a more relaxed surfing experience.
  • Malhadinha (3.9 miles): A surf spot with its distinct character, it’s worth exploring for its unique waves and ambiance.
  • Foz do Lizandro (4 miles): The most popular beginner surf beach in Ericeira, with sandy bottoms and the potential for lefts.
  • Limipicos (4.7 miles): A surf spot that adds variety to the mix, offering a different wave experience in the vicinity.
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